New horizons

Work is rolling along nicely in the studio at the moment with a new nautical theme. I collected sea worn finds from the beach at Berwick-upon- Tweed and have used it in a new range of work for the Snowdrop Festival next week. The beautiful liquidity of fused glass

lends itself so well to thoughts of the sea, especially contrasted with the stark forms of brick and wood. I have been working with a fairly limited palate of soft, transparent blues and greens to suggest water contrasted with bright, acidic opal glass fish motifs. By using stainless steel rods I have been able to move away from more conventional forms and into abstract shapes which use the themes of water with bright flashes of life.

Gnarled driftwood and mellow brick reclaimed from the sea become pedestals and plinths for delicate latices of glass and colour letting light bring out all the subtleties of the glass.

I am really enjoying the process of framing my glass and have a gallery of tiny glass fish in brilliant opal glass mounted in simple box frames like miniature hunting trophies and a series of glass ‘paintings’. Using fused glass as a canvass rather than an object allows me to play with line and colour as if I am painting a picture.

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