Fused glass makes you feel better…it’s a fact!

I have been working in an educational capacity for over 15 years but for the last 3 I have been developing my teaching experience delivering a range of workshops to people experiencing mental health issues, head injuries and strokes- both in the community across Angus, Tayside and Perth and Kinross.

Adapting and refining my teaching practice to enable every individual- regardless of ability- to realize their creative potential is one of my greatest pleasures. Last year I was lucky enough to be the lead artist with the Tayside Arts Health Trust providing creative opportunities for in-patients on the Stroke Rehabilitation ward at Perth Royal Infirmary.

When we think of rehabilitation it is usually the physical, speech and occupational therapies that spring to mind- first steps towards helping a patient recover skills and abilities they may have lost. However, an equally valuable resource in the road to recovery is that of art therapy- which has been proved to reduce stress, lower depression and improve emotional health as individuals express themselves through creative practice.


Bringing creativity into a person’s life, at any time, is an opportunity to discover new talents and work through thoughts and emotions which can in turn increase self-esteem. At its best it provides a safe, non-judgmental space in which to learn and develop and explore new skills. Each workshop is patient- led with resources carefully adapted and selected to enable everyone to achieve as much as possible in each session. Patients can explore clay, collage, glass and mixed media and be limited only by their imagination.

I can offer one to one and group sessions- for more information complete a commissioning a workshop form 


Comments from staff
‘a very successful programme. Rachel showed great enthusiasm and was very caring and empathic towards patients’
Rachel had a great relationship with patients and families, producing very creative work where patients felt valued’

Patient and family feedback
‘much happier as it gave me something to look forward to each week’

‘…has brought brightness and light to a difficult time. We are so grateful, amazed and proud of the glasswork and the discovery of a new talent following my mum’s stroke. Thank you, keep doing this work it means so much.’

‘the companionship and very happy atmosphere.’

Stroke group, Dundee-2015
Headspace, Arbroath-2016
Wellbeing support team, Blairgowrie-2016
Stroke group, Forfar-2016
Stroke group, Montrose-2016
PKVAS, Mental wellbeing services, Blairgowrie-2017
Stroke group, Blairgowrie- 2017
PRI- 2017 and 2018